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Children on average spend 220 days in a year in the school and schools are the ideal place to screen children for all risk factors – physical health and mental health

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One-Click Compliance

SKIDS platform helps your school to be compliant with all regulatory and government bodies including CBSE, RBSK, WHO, NHM and NPPCD. Securely download health reports of your students with one click and be compliant with all the regulatory bodies.


Secure and Compliant

SKIDS data acquisition is HIPAA, FDA, CE approved and complaint. The data is 100% encrypted end to end and is never shared with any third party.


Head-to-toe Screening

Our state of art technology screenings are detailed, comprehensive and schools have option to opt for annual screening or quarterly screenings (recommended) to assess students for any early warning signals that can impede their learning potential.


Trusted by Top Schools in US and Europe

The hardware that powers our software is used by top schools, learning institutes and pediatric practices across US and Europe.


Portable yet Powerful

Our non-invasive and medical grade solutions are powered through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms; and delivered through hardware that fits into a dress pocket.


Blazing fast

Our solution is blazing fast, it takes less than 14 minutes for us to screen children for more than 26 parameters.

By partnering with SKIDS – your school becomes a ‘SKIDS certified school’ that brings peace of mind to parents about their children’s well-being and health while at school

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