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Protecting Children’s Health today for a 

SKIDS empowers schools and parents to monitor their children’s health and identify risks for early interventions

SKIDS uses best in class, non-invasive, medical grade technology to screen children for any current or potential health issues


Lazy eye syndrome, amblyopia, dry eye syndrome, excessive screen time exposure issues, congenital disorders



Anxiety, anger issues. development delays, autism risk, social health



Bug bites, rashes, and other skin conditions



Coughs and congestion symptoms



Ear canal check for infection, ear conditions for hearing proficiency



Cardiac activity, heart conditions and congenital heart disease risks



Temperature, oxygen, saturation, hemoglobin (non-invasive), height, weight, anaemia



Cavities, plaque, dental hygiene, odour

The SKIDS Difference – Maximizing ‘Care’ Outcomes


Early Warning Signals

Our solution is designed to work with children across 1.5-18 years of age. Early intervention increases the ‘health and lifespan’ of kids.


Time and Cost Savings

We partner directly with schools to screen children quarterly or annually and identify risks for timely interventions. 


Complete Care

We monitor children across physiological, psychological and behavioral parameters to ensure kids are healthy – physically and mentally.


Doctor in the loop

Our AI assisted technology is supplemented by a SKIDS doctor in the loop, who validates results before sharing with parents and schools.

What schools and parents say...


Mr. ET Rao, Chairman, Sanklap Senior Secondary School, Berhampur

We used the SKIDS platform to screen 300+ children in our school. We found the solution to be very intuitive, fast and advanced. SKID's advanced AI led technology helped us uncover early onset of vision and hearing impairment amongst few of our children that even parents were not aware of. SKIDS helped the parents with detailed follow up and intervention plans through their networked clinics. Due to this - we have made 'SKIDS Screening' mandatory for all our students.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Nation


Dr Satish Rath


Dr. Rath is an astute investor, Pediatric-Scientist, Behavioral Expert. He specializes in building innovative health solutions at the intersection of modern technology and the deep domain of medical sciences. Dr. Rath brings his deep domain expertise as well as innovation mindset to build advanced pediatric screening solutions at SKIDS.

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CJ Swamy


Jaganath "CJ" Swamy has 18+ years’ experience as a serial entrepreneur, early stage investor and consultant. He has co-founded two companies across Asia previously – one in vitamins manufacturing and the other in logistics/supply chain. 

CJ has an MBA (Honors) from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

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Sunny Makroo


Sunny is a serial entrepreneur with 14 years of experience in building technology focused businesses in health-tech and fit-tech categories.

At SKIDS - Sunny is focused on building a strong pediatric focused venture. 

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Dr Karthik Nagesh.webp

Dr. Karthik  Nagesh

Advisor & Mentor

Dr. Karthik Nagesh has been practicing neonatal care since 1992. Well known for his pioneering work in intensive care for sick neonates especially, Surfactant Therapy and ventilation for sick babies with respiratory distress. He is currently the Chairman and HOD of Neonatology and Neonatal ICUs at the Manipal Hospitals Group.

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Dr. Tanuja Mishra

Clinical Director

Dr Tanuja Mishra is an experienced Pediatrician. Passionate and empathetic towards kids care; with special interest in vaccinations for kids, growth nutrition and treating infectious diseases & allergy disorders.

Over 18 years of experience in the field of Pediatrics, had done MBBS from MKCG Medical College, Odisha, MD Pediatric from S.C.B. Medical  College, Cuttack, Odisha.

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We are a team of experienced senior pediatricians, research scientists and serial entrepreneurs in health-tech space with multiple patents and successful exits.


Most importantly, we are parents who understand the value of timely screening of children's health parameters - physical and mental health to ensure that all kids live their full lives without any complications - now and later.

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